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Do you often find yourself missing out on all the fun just because you feel tired all day? Do you feel exhausted as soon as you wake up? Are you experiencing unexplainable muscle pain? If yes, there are high chances that you are suffering from fibromyalgia. A chronic disorder, fibromyalgia is often characterized by musculoskeletal pain spread throughout the body. People suffering from this condition have “tender points” spread all over their body that hurts badly on application of pressure.
According to researchers, it is believed that this condition amplifies the painful sensations by altering the way pain signals are sent out by the brain. Most people with fibromyalgia appear to be extremely healthy but they experience sensitivity to touch, extreme fatigue, cognitive difficulties and sleep disturbances. They may also experience a host of overlapping conditions such as lupus, bowel syndrome, and arthritis.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia
The most common symptoms that you may experience while suffering from this neurological condition includes:

  • Extreme pain, sleeping difficulty
  • Morning stiffness, weakness, cramping
  • A chronic headache, digestive system disorder
  • Itchy and burning skin
  • Pain at tender points
  • Problem related to memory
  • Jaw pain or pain in the face

Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
Well, here we must remember that fibromyalgia cannot be treated, only managed. It sometimes becomes difficult to diagnose the disease; still here are few ways through which fibromyalgia can be diagnosed.

  • To be diagnosed with the disease, a person, in most of the cases, a woman must be encountering body aching problem, where the pain can be burning sensations across the body or muscular aches for the past three months.
  • Urine and blood tests are done in order to rule out any condition having similar symptoms.
  • Even with the help of an experienced doctor, the fibromyalgia diagnosis journey can be long and difficult one. The diagnosis of the disease can be equally frustrating for the doctor as well as the patient.
  • Other conditions that occur along fibromyalgia can make the diagnosis confusing.

Problems Faced By Patients
Patients suffering from fibromyalgia have to suffer from a lot of problems. They often face a lack of understanding and compassion from their family and friends. The sufferers feel angry and isolated.

  • People often say that they appear too good to be sick
  • Friends don’t understand why they cancel the appointments every time
  • Family members expect them to get up and indulge in variety of work
  • Sufferers do not talk about their feeling to people lest they would tag them as “whiner”

Selecting the Right Doctor is Crucial
Selecting the right doctor is the first step towards fibromyalgia pain relief. If you believe that you may be suffering from this condition, it is essential that you see the right doctor. So it is essential to find a medical practitioner who:

  • Has years of experience in dealing fibromyalgia symptom
  • Is compassionate and a good listener
  • Believes in working with his patients

You can always ask for references from your friends and family members to suggest you a great doctor. It is important that you choose an experienced doctor who is able to answer your questions on the first visit with ease. By working with the right doctor, you can feel so much better about yourself and your body. So make sure you know your doctor well.