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Walking in sleep

Walking in sleep as one of the most dangerous sleeping conditions

Walking in sleep or somnambulism is a nervous and painful disorder, expressed by walking in a dream with the unconscious performance of various actions. Doctors believe that every person at least once in their lives walked or talked without waking up. What sleep walking in adult can be connected with and how can one fight this unusual and mysterious phenomenon? 

If you notice some changes during sleep of your family members, you have to immediately consult a specialist to determine why people walk in sleep. Though a lot of people can turn a blind eye to this factor, the situation can end up with various consequences. Hence, in order to prevent future repercussions, our doctors will do their best to reveal your problem.

Why do people walk in their sleep?

Walking while sleeping can be caused by disturbances in the normal functioning of the nervous system, therefore, somnambulism is most often observed in overly emotional people or in those whose relatives also suffer from sleeping walking in adults. This condition may be one of the signs of epilepsy: this symptom manifests itself much earlier than all others with this disease.

How can you not wake up from the fact that you start to move in a dream? The thing is that all sensations and feelings disappear when a person sleeps, and only one part of the brain works, which is responsible for the movement of the limbs. Sometimes the motor system turns off too late, and the slightest irritant, be it a phone call or a draft, can make a person start moving around without waking up.

As a rule, bouts of walking in sleep occur no more than twice a month this is due to the fact that the human nervous system has a close connection with the lunar phases and the excited state in people coincides with the periods of the new moon and full moon. Those who suffer from sleep walking in adult can sit or stand either.

Walking in sleep causes

Why do people walk in their sleep? There several factors that can provoke this disorder:

  • alcoholic intoxication,
  • lack of sleep,
  • stress,
  • thyroid problems
  • sleeping pills and sedatives medications.

Sleep walking in adults is very dangerous to health. These people completely lack a sense of fear: at night they can do something they would never have dared to do during the day. In addition, reality is perceived by sleeping walking in adults a little differently: they can take the window for the door and calmly “go out” through it. Therefore, those who suffer from this condition must be constantly monitored. It is worthwhile to put bars on the windows, remove all objects that can injure, cover the wires and sharp corners of the furniture with something. Such a person should not be left to sleep alone it is best if there is someone nearby who can take care of the “sleepwalker”.

How to treat sleep walking in adults?

If walks at night have become a regular occurrence, then you should contact a neuropsychiatrist and conduct all the necessary research to identify walking in sleep causes and exclude other possible disorders. In order to avoid walking in sleep, you need:

  • relax before going to bed and think about something pleasant;
  • light an aroma lamp, turn on calm music; 
  • observe a sleep schedule;
  • avoid stress and grief;
  • monitor your diet.

If these recommendations don’t work, you need to see a specialist to determine why people walk in sleep and conduct a proper treatment to eliminate the problem. Don’t forget that a good sleep is a half of your wellbeing!