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The Forgetful Neurological Disorder – Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatment | New York City

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease is a complex and challenging path, as no drugs can fully cure the patient and free from illness symptoms that grow enough to disrupt daily life. These symptoms include memory lapses, challenges to respond quickly or solve the problem, place or time confusion. Thus, if there are some changes in how your brain works, probably, this is a signal that brain cells fail and it’s the right time to visit the Advanced Medical Care neurologist for starting a treating program to struggle with one of the most common types of dementia. The best specialists will propose medical solutions to slow down the symptoms, enhance brain activity, ensure comfort. Neurologists will also deliver the right medicine approach to relief from such behavioral consequences:

  • insomnia and sleep disorders;
  • wandering;
  • anger and aggression;
  • emotional distress;
  • anxiety and depression.

Alzheimer’s disease New York health care staff from Advanced Medical Care is able to manage mentioned above issues and to competently plan the therapy in order to get rid of sleeplessness, severe aggression, reduce a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. And even if it is impossible to slow down the illness progression, improving the quality of life is an achievable goal through the symptoms easing and ensuring a supportive and secure environment for the patient with dementia.

Find a neurologist who treats patient with care

For the correct diagnosing and choosing the therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, New Your specialists from Advanced Medical Care, more likely, will ask an array of questions to find out more about the patient’s medical history, symptoms, the stage of the disease:

  • what type of mental difficulties and memory lapses have you experienced and when was the first time that you’ve noticed changes in how your mind operates?
  • are memory issues getting worse?
  • are there any mentally challenging daily tasks that are complicated to perform?
  • what is your emotional state: do you feel depressed or crushed?
  • do you experience troubles with speech, responding, movement?
  • can you get lost in places you are familiar with?

Once a person was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, regular doctor’s check-ups are a must-have routine to monitor the patient’s condition, response to medicaments, and the changes in symptoms. It is crucial that the doctor proposes a comprehensive treatment and gives advice on patient care including:

  • struggling to cope with symptoms (confusion, depression, anxiety), applying medications and physiotherapy methods;
  • psychotherapeutic and psychological assistance for the patient as well as for relatives, as often people who take care of dementia sufferer don’t know what type of assistance and support the patient needs and also may fall into despair;
  • prevention and treatment of vascular pathologies in the brain that impact the ability to store and retrieve information. If they are left untreated, then the brain, which is already facing colossal strain and tension, begins to work much worse, and the disease turns into a stage that is more difficult to treat.

Alzheimer’s disease New York treatment program also includes regular monitoring of other chronic diseases and their treatment since cardiac insufficiency or changes in blood sugar levels impair the normal function of nerve cells. In the curing of chronic disease, it is necessary to control the safe use of drugs to prevent overdose and reduce the dosage of drugs in cases of memory impairment.

Trust experienced and qualified doctors of Advanced Medical Care to manage severe painful symptoms and limit daily challenges for the people who experience the burden of dementia.