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Information You Should Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease which develops because of squeeze, edema or infringement of the median nerve, which controls the sensitivity of the whole arm together with fingers. This illness is characterized by painful feelings in the hands and carpus. Tingling and numbness can also be one of the Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

When to see a doctor?

Many people are interested in what time is better to visit a specialist and which doctor is responsible for the illness. Actually, a neurologist has to treat and diagnose the syndrome. Experienced professionals of Advanced Medical Care provide complex Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. All examinations are carried out on expert class devices, that guarantees the accuracy of the diagnostic.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes

There is a number of reasons and Carpal tunnel syndrome risk factors, namely:

  • overweight;
  • bad habits;
  • changes in hormonal levels;
  • thyroid condition;
  • luxation, fractures and sprains of the carpus;
  • long-term vibration effects;
  • monotonous long movements with a brush, hands;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • rheumatic disorders.

Children can develop Carpal tunnel syndrome in case of neglecting the norms of working in front of a computer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

There are several signs that characterize the illness:

  • paralysis and debility of both fingers and hands;
  • decreased finger sensitivity;
  • incidents of burning arms at night;
  • swollen hands.

Dangers of self-medication: consequences of the illness

If you suffer from this disorder, but you postpone the Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis and tests, then you put yourself at risk. Ache that will bother you during nights and days will noticeably reduce performance and quality of life. If the syndrome is not treated, everything can end up with the pinched nerve. In this case, metabolic processes are disturbed, leading to edema and blood stagnation in the hands.

Even fore, in the future, the hand may be deformed. The painful sensations intensify and result with insomnia, irritability or neuroses. Don’t put yourself in danger — entrust to reveal and cure the disease to professionals of our medical center.

Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis and tests

In order to identify Carpal tunnel syndrome, your neurologist will perform number of actions:

  • studying your hospital chart;
  • conducting a medical examination;
  • prescribing studies for testing muscles and nervous system state (nerve check test and electromyography-EMG);
  • blood testing;
  • x-ray.

Carpal tunnel syndrome Treatment

Generally, conventional treatment is the best variant. There are different phases of this illness, so you may be offered various possible ways of therapy:

  • Limit the pressure on your wrist. Try to find activities that will stabilize your state and enliven your routine simultaneously.
  • In order to keep your hand stress-free, it’s beneficial using a splint. This will help reduce the swelling. It’s necessary to wear the device according to the instructions of your specialist.
  • A neurologist may suggest seeing a physician.
  • The doctor may prescribe a diversity of drugs to evaluate the swelling, for example nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medicines.
  • If the situation doesn’t get better, a steroid vaccine can handle your trouble.
  • Possible surgery.

However, if a person neglects their health and doesn’t start the treatment process for 10 months or more or even ignores Carpal tunnel syndrome risk factors, there is a possibility of halving the effectiveness of non-surgical therapy.