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Is Chronic Pain a Disease?

According to the statistics, nearly one hundred million american citizens are affected by chronic pain syndrome. Constant pain usually continues for more than six months and is generally characterized as agonizing, Chronic pain or a pain that lasts more than 6 months is often defined as excruciating, bothersome and regular. People suffering from types of chronic pain are aware of the fact that this disorder can strongly influence their lifestyle and end up with various repercussions. Moreover, it may be hard for a patient to perform primitive tasks during their daily routine. 

Initially, this type of pain wasn’t perceived as the illness by a lot of specialists. Consequently, health care providers chose to treat chronic pain causes and thought that this would eliminate the sickness together with the pain. Luckily, today the medical sphere develops with a rapid speed and the doctors have knowledge and skills of chronic pain treatment.  

Types of chronic pain 

Usually chronic pain is classified into two groups:

  • Pain provoked by the identifiable factors. This kind of ache develops due to observable and intelligible reasons.
  • Pain provoked by the unidentifiable factors. The other one is known as chronic benign pain. Eventually, the ache becomes severe and regular. Continuing around six months it results in serious health problems. Only a diagnosis of chronic pain can determine which type of the illness you have.

Сhronic pain causes

There is a vivid variety of factors that can provoke this disease. Generally, it occurs due to the senescence or bone-joint deterioration. Another reason is the contravention in the nervous system or other injuries that are difficult to treat. Besides, the illness may result from the problems with the musculoskeletal system. Indeed, chronic pain syndrome is not developed due to a particular issue, as a rule several factors can contribute to such consequences, including: 

  • heavy traumas or serious injuries;
  • bad bearing;
  • sleep on a non-orthopedic mattress;
  • regular high-heel-wearing;
  • obesity;
  • frequent carrying of heavyweight things;
  • spinal curvature;
  • scoliosis;
  • spinal cord injuries.

Symptoms of chronic pain

Although the majority of people turn a blind eye to the common signs of this, there are some features which are inherent in chronic pain syndrome:

  • strong and constant pain that lasts more than twelve weeks;
  • regular ache within four months;
  • burning;
  • extreme feeling of discomfort in a particular area of the body;
  • exhaustion;
  • sleep apnea;
  • enfeeble immunity;
  • disablement incapacity;
  • stress;
  • moodiness; 
  • depression.

Diagnosis of chronic pain

Experiencing the symptoms of chronic pain is very individual. Today there are no existing tests that can prove or locate the disease. Doctors make a diagnosis due to the patient’s complaints. If they describe the ache as burning and regular, the specialist can find the reason for it. 

Treatment of chronic pain

The pain goal in the process of chronic pain syndrome therapy is to alleviate a patient's ache and make the body state succeed. You may be recommended different ways of curing, such as:

  • Relaxation and psychological therapies. These methods are vide spread and promote people’s convalescence. 
  • As a kind of alternative medicine some specialists also advise going through the course of massage or acupuncture.
  • Self-curing. This method involves the patient in the process of treatment. By applying their physical and mental skills in different activities, the problem can be managed.
  • Finally, surgical intervention may be necessary.